REVIEW: Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

I REALLY HATED this product the first time I tried it . I had to re-wash my hair immediately! It made my hair so coarse and dry and I washed it all out.

I bought it because I watched several YouTube reviews about the product being good for wash & go and for braid – outs…. completely the opposite for me! I didn’t even get to the braid- out part before this product dried out my hair. I was unable to detangle with my fingers and I even tried with a comb. The only remedy was to re-wash my hair.


The second time around,  it left my hair feeling sticky, DRY, weighed down, hard and crunchy which is disgusting and I had to re-wash my hair again along with a deep conditioning treatment.

It runs about 16- 20 USD ( 1500- 2500 JMD) depending on where you buy it.


Product Advertises That:

  • Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse perfect for loose wavy to tightly curled natural textures
  • Simple “Wash and Wear” styles are easily achieved
  • Infused with Olive Oil and Vitamin B Complex
  • Nourishes hair while providing added moisture and shine


  • Smells really good
  • Doesn’t Flake


  • It says it has Olive Oil on the label, but it’s not listed in the ingredients
  • Leaves hair very dry – no moisturizer can save it, you just have to wash it out
  • Not as moisturizing as the product claims
  • Makes hair frizz

Would I buy it again?

  • Won’t be trying the product again.

Have you tried this product? Leave your comment below and let me know how it worked for you!

lots of love,


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