I definitely don’t have a green thumb, but I absolutely love gardening and seeing pretty flowers/plants, so when I discovered succulents I was over the moon… literally.

I currently have two succulents so far:

Photo 20-06-2017, 5 20 42 PM.jpg

I named this one “Life”

Photo 19-06-2017, 5 32 46 PM.jpg

I named this one “Abundance”

Reasons I love succulents:Β 

Apart from being the cutest little plants ever:

  • They are low maintenance
  • They can literally grow anywhere (even in a tea cup!)
  • They last all year round
  • They are the best housemates haha I mean indoor plants
  • They can be easily cut and propagated … learn how to do so hereΒ 


I store them in pots I got online, just wanna show you the soil i keep mine in and how the pots look!




And of course, being in the health field, I inevitably began to do research on the health benefits of indoor plants in general and a few top benefits include:

1. They give an assist in breathing

2. They help deter illness

3. They clean the air

4. They boost healing

5. They help you work better


Here are some outside succulents that will be moved in soon!

Photo 20-06-2017, 4 50 02 PM.jpg

Photo 20-06-2017, 4 50 23 PM.jpg

Do you know of any more health benefits of indoor plants? What’s your fave indoor plant? Leave a comment below and let me know!

P.S. I got the flower pots on Amazon

lots of love,


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