My weekend with Chronixx and Protoje

Jamaica – home to the greatest music of all time, Reggae.

Last Friday night was nothing short of that and it was 100% SOLD OUT.

The show opened with a new upcoming act, Eesah.

Protoje, performed for a little over an hour. Performing most of his songs from his latest album Ancient Future. He of course included some throwbacks “Rasta Love”, “Stylin” and “Arguments” He closed with “Blood Money” his latest controversial release which addresses some of the socio-economic inequalities that exist in Jamaica.

Chronixx performed for over two hours delivering an AMAZING SHOW. Oh, the love of true reggae music. He opened with a Nyabinghi-themed opening followed by his reggae odyssey – doing what Chronixx does best. He sang crowd favourites engaging the audience along the way with I Can, Spiurlina, Skankin’ Sweet, Spanish  Town Rockin’ Alpha and Omega, Roots and Chalice, Never Give Up, They Don’t Know, Majesty, Black Is Beautiful and ended the night with Likes and Like A Whistle.

Took out my phone so I could share a bit of the concert with you all:

It was a well produced event filled with an audience of all ages, races, overseas guest and Jamaicans of social and economic strata. It is good to know that clean, enjoyable, non violent music still exist.

Continue encouraging the positivity and uplifting the youth. Job well done!

lots of love,


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  1. I wishhhhh I was there !

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  2. Qiana says:

    Well written article sissy. Keep doing your thing.
    I don’t know any of their music. I have heard of Chronixx though.

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    1. Thanks Big sis! 😃 I’m gonna send you some of the songs 💃🏾 you know I have to keep you updated with all things Ja!!!


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