Communication Corner

Communicating is hard sometimes, Right??!?! Who’s with me?!

Well I have really been reflecting on this area, because sometimes I just prefer to not say anything. But, here is the reality – that doesn’t solve anything – especially when it involves the ones you love.  So here’s some things I noted.

  1. Talking isn’t necessarily communicating 
  2. Listen with intention and understanding ( Yikes, I am still working on this! I have that gift of tuning conversations out)
  3. Understand when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to listen 
  4. Practice to hear what each other is saying 
  5. Take time to repeat what you’re saying if the person doesn’t really understand 
  6. Avoid trying to communicate when you’re angry (Breathe. Think. Think again. Then remember Proverbs 18:21 NKJV “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat it’s fruit” – then speak.
  7. Note your tone of voice (also working on this- I’ve always had a very serious, abrupt tone – but I realize this affects how people receive what I am trying to say even if it’s coming from a loving place so it is something you will have to actively work on)
  8. Remember you are on the same team – we are all part of God’s kingdom.
  9. Take your defense hat off 
  10. Stop shifting the blame

Well there you have it!

Do you have any communication tips to share? Comment and let me know below.

Have a great Tuesday!

lots of love,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I chuckled as I read this because a few of these are issues of mine. I haven’t even paid much attention to the fact that I HAVE NO PATIENCE TO REPEAT MYSELF! It get’s on people nerves too. Oh boy. and I get quite defensive depending on who I’m speaking with. Yikes. I’ll work on that

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    1. I am so glad. I mean don’t we all have these things to work on! I definitely struggle with the repeating myself also, I really don’t like it so much. But then I think about it, that’s not how God is with us… he repeats if necessary each time even when we turn away He always tries to lovingly communicate with us.


      1. God truly is remarkable. I didn’t think about it that way, which makes me more inclined to communicate better. God is going to help us communicate better 🙂

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      2. 🙏🏽🎊🎉🤗


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