Delayed Disobedience

So the other day, during my quiet time, I found myself writing in my journal:

“I will not see the promise of God if I am not obedient to the call”

Do you understand this statement?

You see God spoke to me that night. He asked me to do a few things and I must be honest, I’ve been a little tired, distracted and complacent.

In that moment I really told myself – “There is literally no time to be tired, distracted and complacent with what God has instructed me to do”

I mean, how could I be? I have people waiting on the other side of my obedience. I have God’s plans be for me waiting on the other side of my obedience. What kind of fruit do I expect to reap if I would have continued like that?


During the time, I truly thought about the seeds I missed out on planting during my time of delayed disobedience. Planting those seeds and watering them means that soon I would see growth. I would have my healthy imaginary tree that eventually bear beautiful fruit.

How can we expect to see the fruit of God’s work in our lives if we can’t even be obedient with the seeds He has given us?

Delayed disobedience is still disobedience. Let that sink in.

Have you been faithful with the last thing God told you to do?

lots of love and blessings,

The Graced Citizen

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11 Comments Add yours

    1. Thank you! 💕🙌🏽 hope it blesses people

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      1. It will, by Grace! God bless you and your beautiful heart ♥
        Keep the fire burning!

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      2. Thank you for the encouraging word 💕

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      3. Welcome, Grace and Shalom ♥!

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      4. Shalom, my friend 💕

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  1. I needed this post. You’re so right about delaying still being disobedience. Considering the people on the other side of our obedience is always a great push to obey. You reminded me of that last week with the post I didnt want to write. Its great that God’s grace covers our complacent moments. His grace covers my “I dont want to” as well. Love this!

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    1. 😁 this makes my heart smile and look how great that post was! Not to mention the “but God” and “before I do” . That’s very true about God’s grace covering our complacent moments- I love that analogy !!


  2. Diane Mitchell says:

    Indeed. Disobedience can definitely leads to distractions. To God be the glory.

    D. Mitchell


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  3. Oshean “Charlie” Campbell says:

    Indeed you’re correct about delayed obedience time is of the essence. Let’s sow our seeds in Gods timing not ours

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