Don’t Be So Quick to Blame The Devil

Very insightful post that speaks for itself.

Bless the Crown


Satan can’t do anything without God’s permission. Remember Job? Well before the devil tested Job, he had to get permission from God. It’s not always the devil. We often times give the devil too much credit. God is looking down on us like, “Yo, I did that. That was for my glory. You missing the entire plot”. We have to stop being so quick to say “It’s the devil”. No darling, it’s God! God’s discipline, and it doesn’t feel good. Really, I’m telling you it doesn’t. It’s one of those, don’t try this at home kind of things.

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The Philippians 1:6 Promise

I hold very tight to this promise because I know that there is a responsibility with being chosen.

I am gonna come out on the other side because God will complete everything within me.

He will complete the work He started.

Trust the process.

Continue to sow seeds until the time of harvest.

He sees you.

Don’t get weary. Stay strong!

lots of love,

The Graced Citizen

Acne Super Mask

I have been on an organic skincare journey since last March. As a result I have been testing a few products out.

Here is my lastest (and it’s 100% Jamaican made – thanks Morgan’s Creek |I love this store|) :

So after cleansing with my Morgan’s Creek Acne Treatment Bar ( made with Turmeric, Neem and Coconut Oil); I use my fingertips to gently place the mask all over my face then I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.


I then wash it off with lukewarm water. My face always feels super soft and refreshed. I have not had any acne break-outs since using this mask!

Now I will say the only issue I have is that it TAKES FOREVER to wash off as it leaves a yellowish residue on your face. I usually have to cleanse again and then I wipe my face off with Witch Hazel ( which I use as my toner/ astringent)

I am going to try this mask a few more times until the jar is finished. Will it replace my Bentonite Clay Mask? I don’t think any time soon, but let’s stick with it and see. But it’s still a great mask if you’re looking to try something new. ‘

Have you tried this mask? Let me know what you think!

lots of love,


A BIG 2018 Question:

Does each person around you add to your life?

You have grown from the place you were… are they growing with you?

I recently read something that is very true:

“People will hold on very hard to your past because they don’t like the conviction they receive from the change they see in your life.”

Evaluate your circle.. You may be blocking your blessings by hanging with the wrong people! You have to understand that you have now been set apart. You will be pruned in every area of your life when this happens – they may not understand and that’s okay.

Elevation requires separation.
So this 2018, I encourage you to be close enough to lead and love them… but far enough to allow them to follow.



lots of love and blessings,