Yesterday, Today & Forever

In every season I hold to these truths about my GOD:

He is my –






Jehovah Jireh


King of Kings










Great Physician

Firm foundation

Way maker

Miracle worker


Promise keeper

Hiding place

Safe place

I trust the plans God has for me because He is all the above plus so much more. He is so faithful with his promises and plans for my life. He is more than I could ever imagine. He protects and guides me away from the plans of the enemy. Covers me in His safe hiding place. He works overtime for the miracles that transforms my life daily. He never gives me more than I can bear. He gives me the gifts of the fruits of the Spirit and the Holy Spirit. He disciplines me because he cares about my growth, maturity and strength.

I understand that I can’t take credit for anything in my life. Not the fact I breathe, have a family, my business, shelter, clothing and everything I could ever imagine.

He is constant, consistent and complete. In every season He remains the same – so with every season I will trust Him. He never fails me yet.

I will continue to trust Him and all that He is to me.

Will you?

lots of love,

The Graced Citizen

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  1. Thank God for being the great I AM !

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