My Silent Season

Hey loves!

I feel like I haven’t truly written to you in a while. I am not going to make an excuse but as I aim for transparency – I have felt a little burdened with life. I guess you could say I have just been putting the best out but still giving God the highest praises, every second of the day.

During my devotions one night, I really asked God – “Daddy why would you position me into something I am just not qualified for? You’ve brought me here and now you’re silent! Am I doing the right things? Why won’t You speak to me? I’m tired and I’m out of ideas”

After crying out to Him that night, the Holy Spirit instructed me to “Be Still”

Psalm 46:10 says:  “Be still, and know that I am God!”

Like, I HAVE been still though Jesus.

I honestly felt drained, devotion has become a routine – but I knew I had to keep talking to Him. I knew I was stronger than the struggle.

John 10:10 says: “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life”

The enemy would have loved if I had stopped praising Jesus. The more I got on my knees and into the Word, the more I learned – just because God is silent, does not mean that He isn’t working.

Romans 8:28 says: “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”

I now believe silent seasons are so important. They really test your faith and build complete endurance for the season to follow.

Just a few weeks ago you would have heard me say:  “God when is it going to be my time? Daddy Jesus, make this happen now or how much longer God? I am ready for my breakthrough. Don’t you see I have been faithful and praying? Are you hearing me God?”

Then a whisper came: But Dayna…..God is always speaking.

So what needed to change? My attitude, heart, thoughts and my speech.

I had to change my tone. Now it’s: “God, I trust you – You brought me to this so I know you’ve blessed me and called me to a purpose. You have promised me Eph 3:20. You’ve made me the head and not the tail. You are working. I know these season is temporary and for a reason. I am still your willing vessel Lord, use me. If you need me to go through this season for 50 more years, I am your faithful servant”

You see, my loves – God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. He doesn’t ask for a resume or a degree. He just ask for you to say “yes”. Some days that ‘yes’ will be easy and some days that ‘yes’ will be hard.

God qualifies you, not the world and other people’s opinions. That includes your boss, family, friends and church congregation. The primary relationship is between you and God. You should take instruction from the Holy Spirit. If He called you to it! Trust the call and the process – because He WILL take you through it.

Jesus meets you when you step out on faith.

Some of us want to see the fruit without the wait and the work.

The book of James says: “faith without work is dead.”

God will never call you to something that you already qualify for . How will the His glory be revealed if we do everything in our own might?

Moses spent 40 years in the desert – had his staff all along – couldn’t do anything with it until he chose to release it. We have to stop trying to do things in own strength. That saying “let go and let God” speaks volumes.

You see, God always gives us the choice. The choice to accept Him, the choice to follow Him and the choice to tell about His wonders.

So if we don’t release what we are carrying- how do you expect Him to bring you to what He has called you to?

You have authority by God – Luke 10:19

We must surrender our situations to God, when we surrender we have power through God over it.

Your past doesn’t disqualify you from God’s grace. Your past doesn’t disqualify you from God’s promise. Our Father will never ever ask you to surrender something if what he was going to give back wasn’t much greater!

The enemy only has the amount of access that you give to him. So lets slam that door shut on him and not let him control your mind. Praise God and speak life into each and every situation.

2 Thess 3:3 says:  “The Lord is faithful . He will establish you and guard you.”

God is faithful. Take time to be still and listen. When you’re weary – call on Him, lean on Him and trust Him today. 

(Credit @seekproverbness on Instagram for this quote)

lots and lots and lots of love,

The Graced Citizen

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  1. Beautifully said!! It’s in our silent seasons where doubt can creep in and we begin to question whether we truly heard from God. It’s also in our silent seasons where nothing appears to be moving and we seem to be at a standstill. It’s then that I think about Joseph. God gave him a dream and he didn’t walk into what God showed him for 13 years. I think about King David who was anointed as a teen but 17 years had to pass before he took the throne. Joseph spent years imprisoned and David spent years on the run. In each case God was pruning them. Just as he’s pruning you Dayna. Trust that he knows what he is doing!

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    1. Aqua, honestly I just love you. You always preach to me. You truly display Godly wisdom. This is such a great reminder about Joseph and King David. I have really struggled with the promise that God has shown me and me trying to make things happen in my own will. But “pruning” … I definitely see the areas of my life that God is trying to prune and to also heal before He moves me out of this season. The pruning season is definitely hard because I am being bumped out of my comfort zone. I’m praying to be truly patient and allow Him to work. I know it will be so worth it. Thank you so much 💕💕💕💕💕

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      1. Love you too sis!! 💗 you have no idea how God used you in my life to encourage me to keep going. When I was discouraged and felt that I was writing in vain. You were the one that God used to show me that it’s not in vain. The thing about pruning that can be so painful is that often times God wants to prune what we want to hold on to! Trust that he knows what’s best for your life. 💞💕💞

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      2. What! Sis, but you speak life on your blog! I literally go further down to read the old post I missed on some Sundays. Don’t ever think that, even if it’s just that one person!! Know that God purposed you for this. If there wasn’t purpose in your post it just wouldn’t reflect the word and the Holy Spirit the way it does. Every read it’s just “yes, this is a true woman of God. God is really using Aqua.” You better keep writing lady!! Esther 4:14 comes to mind as I write this. You were called for such a time as this. She wasn’t necessarily the first “candidate” for the “ideal” queen. Then she did become queen ( oh hey God’s favour) . Esther wasn’t sure if going before the king was going to be in vain to try to save her people BUT … in obedience, confidence, fasting and faith she did what she knew she was called to do. Don’t doubt for a second that any of this is in vain. You are changing more lives and literally preaching the gospel as you go along in such a thought provoking, wisdom – filled and encouraging way💕

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      3. Thank you so much for this encouragement! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. I truly thank God for you! 💞 it’s amazing how God can use someone you’ve never met to edify you. I want to encourage you to continue on and see what the end is going to be for you. Let God groom you in this season and be patient it will not happen overnight, but it will happen for me I went through years of depression, suicidal thoughts, rejection, isolation, loneliness,mood swings and anger issues.God is still not through pruning and shaping me! I’m praying God’s will for your life. 💕💕

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      4. It is truly amazing how He uses us. Thank you for your kind words. I am praying for you too. I will try to remember that it will not happen overnight. Sounds so close to home. Bless you ❤️

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