May Day

Hello loves,

It’s a new month. Just want to encourage you all to keep pressing forward and to keep your eyes on Jesus. He has your life in His hands.

He will give you the desires of your heart.

Don’t rush ahead of Him and don’t mourn what didn’t work out for the past 4 months ( you still have 8 to go!) Trust His timing and the order of His plans. Embrace the shifting seasons and the changes you’ve noticed about yourself as you grow in Christ. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

If you try to do everything in your own will, you’ll be exhausted! Trust me, I know sometimes it’s easier said than done but it’s so so worth it.

Won’t you trust Him today?

I want us to take the time and write down all the blessings we have received so far and to just give thanks. There is so much to be grateful for!

PS. It’s a new season and I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel! Will let you guys be the first to know when it’s up.

lots of love and Happy May!

The Graced Citizen

6 thoughts on “May Day

      1. Love you too sis!!! 💞 sometimes the things that we’re meant to do comes with feelings of nervousness and maybe even a little doubt. I think that it’s in those moments we have to step over fear and into faith. My advice is don’t rush it. When the time is right you will know it!! 💕💕

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