u n p l u g| sometimes we just need to, without the explanations, without the excuses, without the announcements.
Be still before the Lord, without the noise of the world.
Psalm 46:10 will always come to mind in a season like this. Sometimes we just need to be still to hear His voice and allow Him to truly order our steps.


Spiritual maintenance is so important…  get into the presence of the Lord… away from the noise, people,social media, television.

It’s in the quiet moments that you truly hear His voice. The battle begins on your knees. Spend time with Him and hear His voice.

Talk to you all soon!

lots of love,

The Graced Citizen

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  1. Amen sis! Recently God told me to take more in of him than I’m putting out. I received a word last week that God wanted to spend more time me. It made me realize that God had a word just for me! I did not have to share everything he teaches me right away but store up some stuff for me to share or maybe not until a later time. Cherish the Still moments with God. It is there that you will receive directions, strength and encouragement. God has so much for you Dayna. He’s well pleased with you! 💖💖


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