It’s Monday, Keep Going

“Sometimes, the journey of faith is hard. At times you will feel lonely. At times, it will feel like nobody understands you. At times, you will feel like you cannot go on. But, the beautiful part about the journey is that when God calls you, He finishes His work in you. He also disciplines and prunes you. He builds your character and strength for the calling on your life. Tests & trials birth an anointing in you that no classroom can teach you. It won’t always feel good. People won’t always understand, but one thing is sure, you cannot give up. You will have beautiful mountaintop moments and rough valley days. No matter how high God takes you or how low He humbles you, you will learn to trust Him. So, whether things appear to work out or not – it won’t matter. Whether your prayer is answered or not – you trust God’s will. You stop depending on people and material things because you know that it’s all temporary. So, if you’re struggling today or feeling like you’re walking alone, you are not. Jesus sent The Helper, the Holy Spirit. He will lead and guide you in all things. He will help you, comfort you, convict you & show you what to do. So, use these moments to boldly press forward. Others are waiting on your obedience. #KeepGoing #DontQuit ” – Heather Lindsey

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  1. Beautiful and on time message.

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