Acne Super Mask

I have been on an organic skincare journey since last March. As a result I have been testing a few products out.

Here is my lastest (and it’s 100% Jamaican made – thanks Morgan’s Creek |I love this store|) :

So after cleansing with my Morgan’s Creek Acne Treatment Bar ( made with Turmeric, Neem and Coconut Oil); I use my fingertips to gently place the mask all over my face then I leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.


I then wash it off with lukewarm water. My face always feels super soft and refreshed. I have not had any acne break-outs since using this mask!

Now I will say the only issue I have is that it TAKES FOREVER to wash off as it leaves a yellowish residue on your face. I usually have to cleanse again and then I wipe my face off with Witch Hazel ( which I use as my toner/ astringent)

I am going to try this mask a few more times until the jar is finished. Will it replace my Bentonite Clay Mask? I don’t think any time soon, but let’s stick with it and see. But it’s still a great mask if you’re looking to try something new. ‘

Have you tried this mask? Let me know what you think!

lots of love,


REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay

My Colour or Shade : Caramel



  • SPF 15, which makes it great to wear in the daytime
  • Actually stays on for 24 hours (if you need it to- always remember to throughly cleanse your face before you get that beauty rest)
  • Only need to use a small amount
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on your face


Works great with Black Opal Even True  Concealer and LA Girl Pro Concealer (both $5- $10 USD)

I found that when I tried with the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer  I found I didn’t really like the blend and my face got oily after a few hours

P.S.   The Whipped Version : Works the same as the regular, has a thicker consistency (so you need a tad bit on your make-up sponge)


Leave your comments and let me know what you think!

lots of love,