The Single Season


Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I really do need to know!

I feel like it’s been a whole decade since I last got on here!

It was a well needed break – from all of it. Just to catch you up a bit ….during my B.R.B time I had the opportunity to go on the Brave by Faith trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy with the most amazing, faithful, spirit-led host – Juliette Bush and 11 other amazing women – which changed my whole life. (I plan on writing a post on Italy eventually and some of the things God shared with me, so stay tuned)

But today, I am going to share a little about what I have learned in my single season – the season a lot of us women dread and become impatient in.

Ladies, we must learn that we cannot rush God’s plan for our life. He is the one who has touched our lives , therefore He is the one who will bless it. We must stop worrying about the when, what and the “who”. It’s all about God’s timing and we have been called to have faith and to believe in His promises. You are right where you need to be – God isn’t finished with you as yet and something great is in store for you. God is in charge.

With that said…..

This, by far has been one of the most important seasons for me and I had to protect it with my whole life. It was in this season I recognised that I was actually broken and it forced me to surrender 100% + to trust God with my brokenness. If I am not broken – I don’t need a Saviour. I had to understand that it is God that heals me from the state of brokenness.

Psalm 147:3 NLT says: “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.”

I mean He already knows everything about me. Every hurt, pain, moment of breakthrough and joy.

It was my season of growth and revelation. It was here in this season, I learned so much about myself and the purpose God has so graciously assigned to me. It is in this very season that Jesus really has been not only my Father, but my very best friend.

I’m single because I’m whole and IN my wholeness God will set me up… but I had to put God first. With the wisdom He has given me in this season, I know I won’t have to compromise God’s will for me. God saw that Adam had a need and the woman came without the need.

I knew I had to be single before I could serve as a healthy, spirit- led helpmate.

In this season I not only learned to serve at my church but to serve others and my community.

Yes, people had a lot to say (Chile, wedding time now or your biological clock is TICKING) but I had to be led by the spirit. I understand that there is an assigned purpose that will come with my marriage and that God has to prepare me first. I have to be patient with His timing, not mine or the world’s “clock”.

It has been my best season.

I just encourage you ladies: Enjoy extended, uninterrupted quiet time with Jesus. Travel. Spend time with the ones you love the most. Serve at your church and community. Help a single mom out. Volunteer. Open that business. Write that book.

I can’t wait to see what my Lord will do for 2019

lots of love,

The Graced Citizen

What’s in your Jar?

Faith will not be moved by your circumstance but by your own faith.

If your hands are filled with your own burdens, there is no space for God to heal you. You must surrender everything to the Lord. Learn to let go.

God will bless you based on what you are prepared for.

2 Kings 4:1-7:

Elijah Helps a Poor Widow

“One day the widow of a member of the group of prophets came to Elisha and cried out, “My husband who served you is dead, and you know how he feared the Lord. But now a creditor has come, threatening to take my two sons as slaves.” “What can I do to help you?” Elisha asked. “Tell me, what do you have in the house?” “Nothing at all, except a flask of olive oil,” she replied. And Elisha said, “Borrow as many empty jars as you can from your friends and neighbors. Then go into your house with your sons and shut the door behind you. Pour olive oil from your flask into the jars, setting each one aside when it is filled.” So she did as she was told. Her sons kept bringing jars to her, and she filled one after another. Soon every container was full to the brim! “Bring me another jar,” she said to one of her sons. “There aren’t any more!” he told her. And then the olive oil stopped flowing. When she told the man of God what had happened, he said to her, “Now sell the olive oil and pay your debts, and you and your sons can live on what is left over.””

What is blocking the oil in your jar?

What are the things that are preventing you from healing?




Self pity?



Constant comparison?

Lack of faith?

Personal sin?

Generational sin?

Placing idols before God?

Death? Fear of death?

Trying to change another human being?


Unresolved hurt?

There are areas of your life God wants to fill and can’t because they are filled with a lot of other things!

Release and have a spirit of expentancy! Ask the Lord to fill you up today

lots of love,

The Graced Citizen


Let’s talk about forgiveness!

My perspective is always growing on this topic. We probably face this topic on a daily basis.

How often do we just easily cut someone off or ignore them because they hurt us? I have been guilty of this but I had to learn and try my best to remember how Jesus forgave.

In Matthew 18: 21-22, Peter asked how often we should forgive:

“Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

This is how it should be when we forgive. A clean white, slate on our hearts for the person. Sounds pretty simple, right?

My understanding of forgiveness is that the first thing is that it is between the one who has been hurt and God.

Therefore, if I am wronged or feel as if I have been wronged… my first source should be God. Not the other person or the other person’s friend or even my friends or family. God should be the first to be contacted! I forgive because I want to be set free through Christ.

We as Christians should allow people to recover. Discern those around you who are genuine when they apologize.

Stop feeding into what society teaches us – That we need to fend for ourselves – simply by erasing people and celebrate the cut.

The reality is SOME relationships are worth fighting for. How often have WE betrayed Jesus and he forgave us? How often does He grant us new beginnings? After forgiveness- Know when to protect your spirit, know when to reconcile and restore. Peter had a bad day, Judas had a bad heart.

Ephesians 4:32 says:

” Be kind to each other, tender hearted and forgiving one another just as God through Christ has forgiven you”

So does forgiveness automatically mean we have to reconcile?

God grants us wisdom and discernment for moments like these. Reconciliation, though a desired outcome – is not a requirement. Forgiveness does not equal reconciliation. That’s right, I said it….. and this is something I had to learn the very hard way. But after reading deeper into the scriptures, listening to podcast (Lisa and John Bevere have a great one) and seeking wise counsel; I had to accept this truth.

Though forgiveness and reconciliation can be done together, they are two separate things.

Just because you are doing the expected thing as a Christian is not a green card for persons to do whatever they please and then to conveniently drop, ” What would Jesus do?” .Forgiveness doesn’t mean you allow the person to walk all over you each and every time. The best apology is changed behavior!

Each situation calls for self-awareness and self-evaluation.

Pray about it. I repeat. Pray about it.

Have you been convicted by the Holy Spirit? Not yourself …. But the true conviction of the Holy Spirit. (If you’re not being convicted on a daily basis it’s time to do a spiritual check up.)

Lord, did this agreement happen for me to step back from something? Do I need to forgive and MOVE on?

At the end of the day, forgiven people, should be forgiving people. Why? Because God has forgiven you!


The Graced Citizen

Joy, that fruit we must pick!

Hey loves,

So I was recently studying the Fruits of the Spirit and I have decided to share a few of my notes 😊

Galatians 5:22-23 says :

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!”


Joy, is a fruit of the spirit.

We often sing the song in church:

” I’ve got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart”


‭‭Is it really down in your heart?

What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Joy comes from the Lord, happiness comes from the world.

It took me a lot of studying the Word to learn and understand that happiness is a worldly emotional mindset.

Joy is permanent, happiness is temporary.

We must learn to find joy in every situation, every season, every moment.

Serving God should not be based on temporary emotions or our state of “happiness” of what we feel like or not doing.

The more we are led by the Holy Spirit and live for Jesus…the more we seek and receive true joy.

Let’s try to sow this seed so we together can reap this fruit.


The Graced Citizen